President’s Message


     Management’s principles
「Spirit of harmony」「Spirit of cooperation」

· We take an active role in our community
· We Anticipate delays, train our employees and gain headways through strong unity

       Management policy

· We act to protect our natural environment with our community.
· We aim to meet or exceed our costumers expectations.
· We constantly try to improve our management’s style to create the best company in our community.



Our customer’s satisfaction is our
first priority. We equip ourselves with the
most advanced and high performance
facilities to answer their evolving needs.

We provide a comfortable and safe
environment for our employees in all of our
three sisters companies, Kyoritsukiko,
Tochiseikoki and Seiwagiken.

We constantly try to support our
employees gaining new skills and improving
on the ones they already have by
encouraging communication and
cooperation. We believe that a well trained
work-force is the best way to take full
advantage of our high quality equipments
and to always deliver a high quality product
on time to our customers.

We will do everything we can to meet
or exceed your needs.

                  Seiji SAITO

 Seiji SAITO 
        Nov. 11th 2007 
        Kyoritsu Kiko

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