★Tochigi Frontier Company★
Kyoritsukiko Co.,Ltd was certificated
as the 2010 Tochigi Frontier
Company in “High-precision processing technology for aircraft
parts sector”


Certified JISQ9100/AS9100/EN9100/ISO 9001

We aim for the highest level of precision machining, using modern facilities
and the latest equipment.


With our excellent know-how, experience and top of the line facilities, we
are constantly redefining precision machining to answer your needs.


We, at Kyoritsukiko Co.,Ltd, have been mainly
involved in light aluminum alloy precision machining.

Our Factories in Kuzuu, prefecture of Tochigi,
equipped with the latest equipment in high speed
machining, coupled with our knowledge of trial testing,
allow us to provide our customers with high-quality
products in minimum time. 

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