Our History
 July 1972  Koji SAITO established KYORITSUKIKO Co. Ltd with 1 million
 yen in capital. The light aluminum alloy machining business was
 April 1991  Seiji Saito acceded to the office of the Kyoritsu group following
 the passing of the founder, late president Koji Saito. The new
 president focused on promoting precision machining of
 aluminum wheels, gas meters, forged products and automotive
 rocker covers.
 August 1992  The new office and factory of Seiwagiken (2nd branch of
 Kyoritsu) were built and the operations began at the new
 August 1997  Our products passed the quality audit by SMC corporation
 industry, pneumatic manufacturer. SMC has been a trusting
 customer since then.
 July 2000  A second factory was built next to Kyoritsu.
 The number of heavy machinery equipments was increased.
 The processing volume for aluminum made aircrafts parts and
 semiconductors was increased.
 August 2001  The official supplier certificate from CANON was obtained.
 The business with CANON (Utsunomiya Plant, Ami Plant and
 NTC) started.
 August 2004  ISO9001: 2000 certification for quality management and
 customer’s satisfaction was obtained.
 July 2005  Tochisei (3rd branch of Kyoritsu) got approved ISO 9001-2000
 Kyoritsu passed the system audit by Dainippon screen Mfg. Co.
 October 2005  KAWAZAKI certified our company as an eligible KAWAZAKI
 Quality Management System approval (Processing of ERJ
 machining models) was obtained.
 September 2006  A second factory was built in the Toyoshiro plant (total plant
 floor space: 24,000 ft2).
 June 2007  Kyoritsu passed the HITACHI High-Technology’s quality audit.
 Kyoritsu became a HITACHI High Technology’s supplier.
 November 2007  Tochisei was examined by the ministry of the Environment of
 Japan and passed the “Air Connection 21”, showing its
 dedication to help preserve the environment.
 September 2010  Kyoritsu Gifu City Branch office was opened in Gifu City for
 aircrafts and LCDs sales promotion.
 December 2010  Kyoritsu started implementing the guidelines from the
 “Environmental Activity Evaluation Program” (commonly called
 Eco Action 21) for the purpose of Green Supply; “Eco Action
 21” implementation was examined and approved in March 2011.
 May 2011  Kyoritsu was examined in May and certified in June for the
 quality systems standard for aircraft “JISQ9100-2009” (AS 9100
 in North America, EN 9100 in Europe) was examined and
 approved in June.
 October 2011  A new Kyoritsu factory was built in Sojya city, in Mibumachi.
 (plant floor space: 15,165 ft2).

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