· We are experts at drilling, cutting, rough cutting,
milling, surface finishing, tapping…

· We work from your blueprints (we even make the
computer 2D/3D model if needed), or directly from
your computer files (2D and 3D).

· We work with die-cast, sand cast and forged parts.
Or from a block of material.

· We have close partners companies that can
produce your die-casts or material blocks so you
do not have to send them to us.

· We work with parts a few centimeters long, to 7
meters long.

· We can use your JIG, or we will make one ourselves.

· We can produce your prototypes, small, medium
and large series.

· We have a range of automated 3D measuring
tables to guarantee the quality of our products.

· We take special care when finishing and packaging
your products so that you get them in the same
condition that when we sent them to you.

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