About us
Kyoritsu is part of a 3 companies group also composed of Tochisei and Seiwagiken.
Kyoritsu has a total of 98 full-time employees (230 for the group). We are experts in CNC
machining. We have more than 40 years of experience in the business.

We have worked with a wide range of industries that have given Japan its reputation as a
leading manufacturing country since the 70s. We serve the aeronautic, automobile, maritime,railway industries and more. Our continuous cooperation with some of the most renowned names in Japanese industry (KAWAZAKI HEAVY INDUSTRY/ KOMATSU/ CANON/ MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRY/ NISSAN/ HONDA/ SUBARU/ HITACHI/SMC Corporation…) pushed us to always reevaluate and upgrade our production methods to answer our costumers’ needs.

We can produce your prototypes and small series rapidly (depending on the parts
complexity, usually less than 2 weeks).

The amount and variety of CNC machine centers that we have allows us to adapt our
production for larger series. (We produce 20,000 gas meters and 1,200 electric car battery
covers per month right now)

We operate over 50 CNC machine centers. Our park includes 3,4 and 5 axes machines
(simultaneously), doubles columns machines, horizontal, vertical and lathes machines.

We use a variety of software for our CAM and CAD needs. We have 9 CAM/CAD
stations, all connected to the same network as our CNC machine centers.

Our product quality being a priority, we have 4 3D CNC dimensioning tables, each fully
automated for repeated quality check.

We take great care when finishing and packaging your products so that you receive
them in the condition you can expect.


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